Re: threads

From: Mike A Larson <>
Date: Mon Feb 28 1994 - 04:30:12 PST

[Werner Vogels <> writes]
> If VSTa wants to focus on real real-time (I'll start a "thread" on that ones
> this one dies out) ...

OK, Werner would like to focus on real real-time and I should spend
more time working on the SCSI driver :-). So lets close this thread
and get on with it.

From my standpoint, there are two important issues related to this

1) before we add a new feature to VSTa, we should ask the following
questions: What problem will adding this feature solve? Could
the problem be solved just as well using existing features or
features that are very likely to be added to VSTa in the future?

2) process context switch time must always be fast and threads
should not, in general, be used to compensate for situations
where process context switch time does not meet expectations.

                                        Mike Larson
Received on Mon Feb 28 04:57:14 1994

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