Distributed systems

From: Jacob Levy <Jacob.Levy_at_nospam.org>
Date: Sun Feb 27 1994 - 21:55:57 PST

I agree strongly that things like inter-machine communication should be
implemented in user space. That way you don't have to worry in the kernel
about managing things that point at things in other machines. It makes
management of resources simpler (local) for the kernel. Of course SOMEONE
still has to worry about it, but (a) it ain't Andy :-) and (b) several
different schemes can coexist, in the spirit of "let a thousand flowers

About threads and synchronization: the recent discussion on this list
certainly is welcome and niot too high-volume (or high pitched :-).
Personally I am firmly a believer of capability based systems. There,
access is shared when you decide to share it with someone. Add messages and
you've got all the synchronization you are ever going to need.

Can't close without a shameless plug for stuff I like that Sun is doing: I
encourage everyone seriously interested in how to iplement distributed
secure systems to familiarize themselves with the Spring work at Sun.
Monday I'll be posting an email address where requests for papers may be
sent. The recent SOSP Proceedings also has a slew of Spring work in it.

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