Re: Runes

From: Peter Holzer <>
Date: Mon Feb 28 1994 - 05:19:58 PST

You (Gavin Thomas Nicol) wrote:
> I am about to implement the rune handling code for VSTa, because MADO
> and bitblt depend on it. I have basically decided the following:
> 1) A rune will be 16 bits and use Unicode
> 2) The I/O of runes will support UTF/2 as the core, and EUC, JIS, and
> whatever else eventually. These are all multi-byte formats.


> Before I start coding, I'd like to hear comments on the following:
> 1) Is it necessary to implement the ANSI-defined wchar_t functions (it
> seems few people use them)?

I didn't write any programs with wide characters yet, so I don't know.
All those funcions seem to be very simple, so they can easily be
implemented as needed.

> 2) Does anyone see a need to support locales? From my experience, they
> offer little benefit to the average user, as users seldom
> understand them, and if they do understand them, the locale
> implementation is usually limited.

The only thing I expect from a locale is a way to change collating
sequences. This is important since accented characters are not in a
useful order for most (all?) languages. Lowercase/uppercase-mappings
are probably not locale-dependend. I don't care much for
currency-signs, decimal point/comma and similar things.


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