Re: VSTa FAT problems

From: Andrew Valencia <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 1994 - 09:06:28 PST

[Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga <> writes:]

>I may have a related problem. I have a 10 Mb DOS partition on my hard
>drive, and it only has a 12 bit fat. My initial experiments with VSTa
>cause kernel panics when I write to the filesystem:

Oops, I bet your kernel stayed up. Of course, if the only disk-based
filesystem you have goes down, this is small comfort, I'm sure! :-)

>file rw.c line 253.
>I don't know which rw.c though ;-) (I assumed the dosfs rw.c).

It probably dropped you into the kernel debugger (with DEBUG, the
kernel currently drops into the debugger so you can look around). A
"pr" command would list the running/runnable procs; the one with state
O would be the one who has just taken an un-handled event).

>I must say I don't know if this is a real bug, because I didn't
>install a clean VSTa due to lack of space. I instead installed
>vsta_fs and then copied standalone.tar to /boot, after fiddling with
>boot.lst and /etc/* i got it to boot, but it will panic after several
>disk writes. (I can write a hello world program and sometimes complete
>the compile, but often an intermediate write will fail).

Probably a bug. :-(

>My wife's laptop also gets sporadic filesystem corruption (directories
>turn into files, files get truncated), but no kernel panics, and she
>has a 16 bit fat, but her disk is practically full, so perhaps it's
>the caused by a real bug, and not my instalation.

Well, I would have observe that my DOS filesystem code (I wrote it from
scratch) is a little more immature than Microsoft's. I've been over the
code a lot, since it's the most heavily used filesystem. But obviously
after a while you start to see what you "know" is there, thus it's very
helpful for others to take a look.

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