Re: VSTa

From: Andrew Valencia <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 1994 - 06:48:51 PST

[ (Robert Mayer - Student) writes:]

>Hi Andy,
>sorry for posting this directly to you, but I can't seem to reach
> to put me on the mailing list.

Due to all the sendmail cracking which happens, all Cisco's E-mail now
filters through If you use those
addresses, things should work.

>I think I have found a bug in the DOS filesystem server, which prevents the
>second half of the FAT to be flushed correctly:
>in fat.c line 138 it says:
>dirtymapsize = roundup(nclust, SECSZ) / SECSZ;
>but instead it should be:
>dirtymapsize = roundup(nclust * sizeof (ushort), SECSZ) / SECSZ;
>because for every cluster on disk there are 16 bits in the FAT, not 8.
>Also fat_dirty is never cleared, but this is not dangerous.


I will pursue this ASAP.

                                        Thanks, and welcome to the list!
                                        Andy Valencia
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