Re: your mail (Paper on VSTa)

From: Vijay Gill <>
Date: Thu Feb 24 1994 - 20:02:16 PST

> and the call for submissions for the Usenix OS Design & Implementation
> symposium is making me think it's more than time. I know that the paper
> would be much more interesting if we had begun to do distributed stuff
> yet, so I'm a little undecided if it's time to do it yet.

What is the general consensus on writing up the paper, some documentation
etc and putting pointers onto the various linux/BSD groups? Seeing how
linux literally exploded into primetime has left me wondering if
something like VSTa (which is desgined to be portable from the start)
could not attract a larger community of programmers/evangelists, (perhaps
a port to the Amiga ;) ) ?

An aside, how big is the kernel? I know QNX 4.2 kernel is around 8 Kb.
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