Re: readline in rc

From: Rob Savoye <>
Date: Tue Feb 08 1994 - 09:12:08 PST

       From: Peter Holzer <>
       Subject: Re: readline in rc

> You (Rob Savoye) wrote:
> > I'd actually like to port bash, or the minix POSIX conforming shell. Then
> > all the GNU configuration shell scripts will work! :-)
> I had some troubles with the Minix shell and configure scripts in the
> past. I am not sure whether this was the fault of the shell or the
> scripts (they used funny constructs not documented in any man page I
> have yet seen).
  I'm thinking of the one that was also ported to DOS as part of the gnuish
project. I'm not sure what it's called. I have a good collection of shells
(in sources) on Most GNU configure scripts
are writtne to run under any V7 bourne shell. Till we get a good shell
ported, we'll be stuck tweaking Makefiles by hand. I'd prefer to port bash,
but I doubt it'll be trivial.

> I am using ash now in Minix to run scripts and zsh for interactive use.

  Having never used either of these, what are they like ?

        - rob -
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