Re: readline in rc

From: Peter Holzer <>
Date: Tue Feb 08 1994 - 08:41:20 PST

You (Rob Savoye) wrote:

> I'd actually like to port bash, or the minix POSIX conforming shell. Then
> all the GNU configuration shell scripts will work! :-)

I had some troubles with the Minix shell and configure scripts in the
past. I am not sure whether this was the fault of the shell or the
scripts (they used funny constructs not documented in any man page I
have yet seen).

Besides I am not sure about the copyright status of the Minix shell.
The files contain neither copyright notices nor the name of an author,
so they are probably copyrighted by Prentice Hall.

I am using ash now in Minix to run scripts and zsh for interactive use.


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