Re: Projects

From: Mike A Larson <>
Date: Tue Feb 08 1994 - 05:13:13 PST

> This is a list of ongoing projects, and who's working on them. If
> there are any changes you'd like made, please let me know.
> ------------------------- Project List -----+------------------------------
> --------------------------------------------+------------------------------
> SCSI disk server |,
> - Prototype is in testing |

Since the driver is part of the latest VSTa distribution, I think it
might be fair to say that the status is "initial version has been released,
working on enhancements". Also, please change my email address
to Thanks.

> RPC/Server description language |
> - Based on CORBA IDL. Work has begun. |

This sounds interesting. Has it been discussed in this mailing list before?
Perhaps I missed it. Anyway, would mind filling us in on some of the details,
such as what is COBRA and how it might affect existing servers?

                                                Mike Larson
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