Re: Projects

From: Rob Savoye <>
Date: Mon Feb 07 1994 - 22:05:40 PST

       From: (Gavin Thomas Nicol)
       Subject: Projects

> Update/expand libc (and include files) | (??)
  This is more adding support to GNU development tools for VSTa. LD and the
binutils are done, and will be in the next net release of the binutils. (any
day now they tell me :-) I added support to GCC and GAS, and I'm trying to
debug the GCC port (it installs wrong, which may be merely a symtom). These
all work as a cross development from any Unix host (I run it on sun4 and Linux)
and hopefully this work will make it easier to be self hosting, which is the
next priority.

> Shared libraries |


  Also set up new ftp archive for vsta and other embeded systems tools on I keep it mirrored from cisco.

        - rob -
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