2020 as a Tet-style Offensive

A historical observation on information warfare

There are two kinds of warfare: kinetic and information. Kinetic war is your traditional violence--kill people, or make them withdraw. Information warfare is making the enemy behave in a certain way by controlling their perception of reality. In its extremity, it includes making an enemy surrender because they believe themselves to be in a hopeless situation.

The Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War was a kinetic failure, but an information warfare success. Starting in January 1968, all assets were activated and used to initiate a campaign of extreme violence--this included units in the field, but also all sleeper units embedded in the South Vietnamese side. As had been the case during most of the war, USA forces directly facing an enemy in the field were extremely effective. In addition, much of the NVA "fifth column" became visible, and had to either run or else be killed or imprisoned.

As a "bet the war" strategy, all assets were activated and exposed. The USA won the kinetic war, and--by implication--the overall war, since all assets were either destroyed or targeted. But the _perception_ at home caused the USA to withdraw. The Tet Offensive succeeded.

In our modern time, we have been told that a global governance was an historical inevitability. Nations like Great Britain and the USA have been experiencing declining life expectancy, blossoming costs for essentials like housing and health care, and a withering of employment. Among the factors perceived to be causing these phenomenon was globalization, and a strong reaction to this can be found in the UK's "Brexit" and the USA's election of Donald Trump. If these nations started to prosper, it could well mark an enormous reversal for globalism. I believe we are seeing the "Tet Offensive" of the globalists.

Covid19 is a pretext for fear, authoritarianism, and economic destruction. It exposes a range of medical "experts" willing to act as agents, lead by Dr. Fauci. This hierarchy uses their power to preclude any identification or adoption of mitigating methods or medicines, and to hide any facts which would reduce the general state of hysterical fear. This includes not only professional retaliation, but censorship and even death threats.

In my mind, its genesis can be traced back to Donald Trump's last State of the Union speech. He reported on a healthy nation with excellent prospects for continuing prosperity. The culmination of the report, however, was the unprecedented spectacle of Nancy Pelosi tearing up a copy of the speech on national television. To my mind, that was the point at which she decided that she would do anything at all to derail Trump's excellent job performance and likely reelection.

The destruction of the nation's economy (and civic health in general, including the abrogation of most constitutional rights) was a prelude to the election, where a number of previously covert actors have moved front and center in support of destabilizing the current administration--the leadership of the FBI, CIA, and probably the DoJ and DoD. Their support is in particular applied to the Marxist-style attacks on government stability by Antifa and the BLM "demonstrators". The national (and even international) chains of communication and support behind Antifa/BLM constitute a domestic terrorism network, which Wray has actively sought to keep in the shadows. For the first time in USA history, the FBI has acted in common cause with domestic terrorism.

These actors are joined by "mainstream" media--of course, CNN and MSNBC. But now ABC, CBS, and (surprise!) Fox. Interestingly, Tucker Carlson stayed at Fox although he does not appear to follow the narrative. Glenn Greenwald had to depart The Intercept to preserve journalistic integrity. Reporters who wished to pursue news coverage in any traditional capacity had very, very few opportunities to do so. The mandatory narrative was that Covid19 was a new Black Plague, Trump was evil, and the nation was falling into chaos because of him. Fascinatingly, the BLM/Antifa destruction in democratic cities was "covered" as the acts of "White Supremacists".

And all the Internet monopolies have joined in--notably Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They have moved from the shadows to demonstrate both politically motivated censorship, and monopoly control of public discourse. One assumes that they have been promised enormous concessions in exchange for their intervention--probably continued section 230 immunity, and nothing more than the most superficial antitrust remediations.

As a fascistic integration of media, Internet services, and traditional government elections, the USA is on course to become a permanent dictatorship, with no citizen possessing any ability to say or hear anything except as harmonized to the sanctioned narrative. With "woke" forces like the "Twitter mobs", along with the de facto violent action arm of the Democratic Party (Antifa), any attempt to circumvent these forces is becoming increasingly dangerous.

We have now observed what is very probably the theft of the 2020 presidential election, and the forces arrayed are quite impressive. But just like in the Tet Offensive, one has to remember to carefully separate information warfare (perceptions) from kinetic warfare. Notice how ALL of their power comes from manipulation--to muzzle your statements if you try to question, and to hide facts from your consideration. It is no coincidence that personal contact is being aggressively suppressed, because any sort of public consensus followed by courage would spell the death of their offensive.

In fact, on the kinetic front, Antifa and their ilk have always been defeated immediately upon the arrival of even the smallest contingent of national guard--and most often, could be defeated by a police department enjoying political support. If it ever came to it, almost any group of veterans would easily (and with great pleasure) handle any Antifa group yet seen.

So be of good heart. Communicate when they try to muzzle you. Learn from information which they try to hide. Vote, and argue, and even disobey when the order is dishonorable--or even illegal. If they lose the information war, they have bet it all. It's on the table to deliver a historic defeat.

Some potential countering forces:

The top of the FBI has fully backed domestic terrorism in support of the Democratic party. It is quite likely that most career management, all the way down to individual agents, is viewing this with very little favor. There are a large parts of the FBI which know perfectly well how to investigate and then prosecute conspiracies. Given the slightest bit of rope, there are career agents who could drag the whole dismal network into a courtroom.

Iceland has provided harbor to a number of free information harbors, particularly archive.is. The domain ".is" and its registrars is also likely to resist censorship. Both gab.com and Alex Jones have had to learn and deploy a wide range capabilities to circumvent the censorship of the Big Tech conspirators. These techniques are becoming more and more widespread as the footprint of censorship spreads.

The decentralized social network "the Fediverse" provides Twitter-style discussion without a central controlling corporation. "Mastodon" and "Pleroma" are two suites of software which participate in this network. You may visit mastodon.online to see about joining this network at one of its many servers.

duck.com is an excellent replacement for Google search. In general, most Google-controlled products have alternatives:

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