From: Gavin Thomas Nicol <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 1994 - 16:07:03 PST

Andy says:
>So far, VSTa threads have worked out pretty well in practice in my
>drivers and in Nick's windowing system. The biggest hole, discussed
>today, is that VSTa needs to, but does not yet, offer a mutual
>exclusion service to allow threads to efficiently interact.

I must agree with this. I find that threads in VSTa fit my needs very
well. I think threads are generally used to allow the programmer to
make the parallism of many programs explicit, and the VSTa system goes
just far enough that one can simply fork off the threads, and then
think of each thread as a seperate program. As Andys noted, mutual
exclusive primitives are needed to make it truly easy: I've been
faking it somewhat (in a non-portable way), but such support should
probably be offered by VSTa itself.

One question about threads in VSTa: A thread is created by giving the
address of a function to execute. Is returning from that function
allowed? I have assumed it is not...
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