Files here are in support of installing VSTa


If you really get your hands dirty, the raw install files are down in 1.6.8. You can find the old installation instructions over at the source site.

Running on Bochs

However, most people want to be able to just spin up VSTa and have a look. To that end, here are files to let you run VSTa under Bochs. Grab the (gzip'ed) disk fatfs.img.gz, un-gzip it, also grab the bochsrc file, it'll most likely want to be named ".bochsrc" (no quotes). Go install Bochs for your OS, tell it that .img file is a disk, and hopefully VSTa will fire up! If all goes well, log in as "vandys" (no password). Enjoy looking around.

Running on qemu x86

The same disk image for Bochs has been verified to boot properly under qemu as well. You'll probably find qemu runs VSTa at a higher performance level.